I'm so happy to be finally launching SummerHouse!! It's going to be a slow grind to large events but I have a start and I'm looking forward to building it. 
Check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/summerhouseAU/

Building a community around house music from the ground up. Started in Sydney, now infiltrating the Melbourne scene.

For information contact:    info@summerhouse.club

Web site will be up soon!

Thanks for supporting and sharing the love. -J


JAY KAOS.. Electronic Assassin...

Welcome to my page! Take your shoes off and make yourself at home. 

Here you'll find everything about what i'm doing and where i'm doing it!

I've let music take me wherever it needs to go. From my early days of playing bands and working behind the decks Dj'ing to touring around sharing my passion.. it always continues to evolve. 

I like to explore every creative path available. It keeps me creative and allows me to work with some amazing artists and industry professionals. 

So far i've been lucky enough to:
-Recorded in L.A (Mike Gonsolin - Trend Def Studios Hollywood) alongside mega Music Producer Jeff Blue (140 Million Records Sold)  
-Produced music for the super talented Majik Honey (recently had a single launch).. 
-Supported promo videos for NSW Surge - Football Team
-Provided music for the New Ford Ecosport - Urban Discovery series Video produced by Adrian Emerton.
-Recorded recorded multiple bands including Origin Of Janken..

On top of this I have been working on my original music, mostly loaded to soundcloud. 

There is so much opportunity and so much more to come! 

I have had the privilege of sharing my passion, performing for people, in almost 100 venues internationally including The Metro and the Lair (NSW), Home Nightclub Sydney, Discovery (Darwin) and iconic live venues such as the Agincourt, The Annandale, and the basement (pretty much all of them in Sydney). Plus many many many many more!!. This may not seem like a lot to most people.....and I'm not trying to brag... I'm proud of my achievements so far, and privileged to be able to do what I do. 

It wouldn't be possible without the support of 100's of people, friends, fans, supporters and key industry monsters such as Genesis Industries.

I look forward to pushing the boundaries and myself to do bigger and better things with each project I complete. 

Most importantly I hope you enjoy it!! You should be able to find everything here... If not feel free to contact me directly @ the link below!


"Always Constant, Accurate and Intense"

essassin - I Need You


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